Jokowi to Highlight Conservation Efforts, Drought Issues to World Water Forum in Bali

Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo stated that he will bring a number of essential agendas to the 2024 World Water Forum which is slated to be held in Bali. Indonesia is appointed to host the 10th forum.

“I’d like to assert several important agendas that must be prioritized, such as efforts of water conservation, clean water supply and sanitation, food and energy resilience, as well as natural disaster mitigation such as floods and drought,” said the President when meeting with the president of the World Water Council Loic Fauchon at Jakarta State Palace, Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

He said the agendas must be joint works by involving the public and various elements. He also said dialogues and partnerships between countries are necessary for the people’s welfare.

Additionally, Jokowi underlined that Indonesia needs many innovations, especially financial innovations by involving the government and private parties, technological innovations in managing energy and food consumption, as well as the commitment of all parties to share and work together.

“I truly hope that this initial meeting ahead of the 10th WWF could result in important agendas that we will follow up in the peak event of the 10th WWF in Bali on May 18-24, 2023,” the state head remarked.

Today, February 15, President Jokowi welcomed the visit of Loic Fauchon and delegations of the World Water Forum at Jakarta State Palace.

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